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March 10, 2008

I’ve had two articles in newspapers in the past few days, one looking backward and bemoaning what we’re about to lose, and one excitedly looking forward to the future of books. I do think it’s possible  to hold both those positions at once. You don’t have to give up on technology in order to believe that the past has valuable things to teach us. And you don’t have to stop enjoying old-fashioned pleasures in order to find time for the more high-tech ones.

I guess this would also be a good time to say that, from May, I am available for hire for both high and low-tech writing projects, as well as ones that meet somewhere in the middle. If you’re looking for a writer who understands both ends of the spectrum, you can email me at


I seem to be doing something of a reverse Omer this year, counting down seven weeks to Passover rather
than counting forward to Shavuot. So, as it’s now just under six weeks to Passover, here’s a thought. What is chametz? It is that which rises up without our having to do anything to make it. We just leave it alone, and it accumulates. Personally, I sometimes feel this way about the detritus in my home. So while I’m doing Pesach cleaning, perhaps this is a good time to collect a bagful of things that have somehow arrived in my house without my quite meaning it, and take it to a charity shop. Or, if you want to get something back in return, check out bookmooch. Hurrah for places where high and low-tech book experiences meet.

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