I really didn’t mean to say that no one in Manchester wears clothes

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March 3, 2008

It’s the kind of thing that just comes out when everyone’s joking, and you’re being recorded, and you’re trying to be funny and it just sorta doesn’t work but *anyway*, here’s my appearance on the Guardian’s marvellous Sounds Jewish podcast. More things like this, please: British Jews behaving as if it’s OK to talk about Jewishness! Careful, if we do this too much the goyim might notice we’re here.



And in other things one might like to listen to… Passover is only seven weeks away. A sense of dread and anticipation is settling over Hendon, people are shifting bookcases and vacuuming curtains to get rid of any last trace of chametz, and smallish boxes of not-specially-nice biscuits are going on sale for £20 each.

So, as an antidote, how about having a listen to this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/specials/1357_slavery_today/page3.shtml

Passover’s about freedom from slavery. Why don’t we all forgo one of those boxes of biscuits and give the money to an anti-slavery organisation instead?

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