Shall we do it again?

In August challenge
July 18, 2010

Yes, I think we shall.

I’ve had that feeling creeping over me for a few weeks now. Staring at places I pass by but have never been into, remembering places I’ve been recommended. The other day, driving back home from central London I almost drove straight past Regent’s Park and then I thought “I have literally never ever been to sit in Regent’s Park.” So I pulled over the car and sat under a tree for 20 minutes, watching the kids play football and the couples flirting. And thought, as I often think “why haven’t I ever done this before?” And yes, I think it’s time to start another Visiting New Places project.

Now, last time I did 31 places every day in August. However, I know that I’ll be incommunicado for a lot of the first week of August. So. Let’s start now, and I’ll do 31 by the end of August. OK? As before:

– it doesn’t have to be a long visit, five minutes will do

– I have to write something about the place

– it has to be somewhere I’ve never been before. but could be, eg, the gardens which I’ve never visited of a house I have visited. clear? 

– a new place not a new activity

I’m sort of cheating, because currently I’m in foreign – a city I’ve never been to before – so the first few days will be a bit easy. Should I make it harder? I don’t think so. Part of the joy of this last year was the ‘found’ visits; places I happened to be anyway, but related to differently because I was doing this. So, OK, off we go!

The rabbit above, btw, was photographed by me at the University of East Anglia. There are rabbits everywhere and if you sit very very still they will come right up to you. But it has to be very still. Like, not even turning the pages of a book. One of them hopped over my foot, another nibbled a page of the book I was (not) reading. It’s here also to remind me of a post I must write entitled “the wisdom of Michele Roberts”. Intriguing, eh?

OK, let’s go.

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