Two things I have discovered…

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November 17, 2009

…since starting my ‘getting up early/at the same time as normal people’ project yesterday. One is that the violet tea at La Fromagerie is absolutely gorgeous. The other is that it’s really easy to park at Homebase at 8.30 in the morning. (Picture above is La Fromagerie. Homebase not pictured.)

Yesterday was all pleasure. Woke up early, sat in bed having a think, reading, making a list, then drove over to Highbury for a cup of tea in a room that smells of cheese. I’m always on the lookout for new lovely places to work, and in theory Fromagerie is perfect – has wifi, is pretty – but in practice I’m much pickier than that and couldn’t really work there because of a) the constant cheese temptation causing my thoughts to stray and b) the constant radio chatter. Why do beautiful places tune into annoying radio stations, thus spoiling the carefully-constructed ambience? A mystery.

This morning, all business. Leapt out of bed at 8.15am, drove over to Homebase to pick up some home essentials, plus ran a few more errands all before breakfast – and before 9am when they start to charge for parking all over Hendon. S’funny, I think I’d always imagined that there’d be hoardes of people doing their shopping or whatever at 8.15am, but it turns out that, no, that’s early enough to be wandering almost-totally-empty shops with helpful assistants who aren’t yet exhausted and harrassed.

Here is my question for today. Why is it that, having said on this blog that I’m going to get up before 8am every morning, I’m doing it, whereas if I’d just said it to myself I’d have hit snooze on the alarm and rolled over? Motivation: another mystery.

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