The Shadow Line

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June 20, 2011

I feel I still have many questions. I am not as creative as Marie at putting them together, but basically they boil down to: was the whole Royal Pardon business done just because Gatehouse is crazy? In fact, does the whole story boil down to: Gatehouse is crazy? I mean, pensions schmensions, there are easier ways to make sure you’re actually going to survive to collect your pension than using a disappeared government slush fund to support the drug trade in the UK to make a few million quid. When Glickman asks Gatehouse the very pertinent question: “why didn’t you just have Harvey Wratten killed in prison?” Gatehouse replies: “This is our thing, not theirs.” Which is the same, surely, as saying: “I am totally crazy.” And totally undermines the thing he says later about the whole business being “cleaning house”. In fact, he has been dirtying his house, like deliberately splashing a great gout of blood into a perfectly good ‘have him killed in prison so it looks like suicide’ tomato soup. 

Going back to watch episode 1 though, I am delighted with how the information is casually dropped in that Jay Wratten knew he had a tail when he was carrying drugs and deliberately led him to his uncle. And does Honey’s “you never used to hold the door open” to Gabriel in ep 1 prefigure that which comes later? This is really a placeholder blog post, because I want to come back and do a full rundown of everything that I think happened. But in the meantime, if you are so minded, have at it in the comments.

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