Buffy: Teacher’s Pet

So I watched three episodes: Teacher’s Pet, Never Kill a Boy on a First Date and The Pack all in one go. Mostly because I knew I wanted to see The Pack again so much, and seeing it in context like this makes me realise what an amazing ep it is and how much there is to

Buffy: Witch

What’s weird to me now about this episode is that in my memory it was *really good*. And now, looking at it, it’s a mess.  The episode centres on Amy – later a fairly significant character, so the early development here is nice – who turns out to have been mind-swapped by her mother, who

Buffy: Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest

Why does a person start watching a TV show? Why do they carry on watching even if the first few episodes aren’t really that impressive (as they often aren’t)? What is it in a show that can make you think there’s something interesting there? I think the first thing is: the name. I suspect that