In Others
August 14, 2009

Sometimes this project is elaborate. And sometimes – especially on a rushed Friday when my car has to go to the garage and I have a meeting with my copyeditor – it’s really simple. Today I went out for lunch with some friends at Quadruples, a restaurant in Finchley. It’s a nice simple place – pizzas, salads, sandwiches, jacket potatoes – and the company was very lovely. Afterwards, we all went to the Arts Depot in Finchley to see a piece of Miki’s artwork. Pictured are my friends Miki and Deb with Miki’s amazing and beautiful ‘Tower of Psychobabble’.

With two weeks of this project done, I find I am already coming up with new projects I want to do. Maybe I’ll do another month-long one sometime, or maybe just a week-long one. While it’s sometimes been annoying to force myself to go somewhere new, it’s been rewarding more of the time than it’s been irritating, and I still feel pretty enthused about the whole thing. Roll on week three!

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