In Others
August 29, 2009

So I decided to myself that today I was *not* going to go anywhere new. It was a decision kind of inspired by that Navajo idea of including a deliberate flaw into their textiles. Nothing is perfect, and it’s good to remind oneself of that I think, especially if you work on creative projects. Nothing kills a creative project faster than the desire to make it ‘perfect’. There is no perfect in creativity. Paul Valery said “a poem is never finished, only abandoned” – when you write you have to get comfortable with calling your work ‘done’ even though you can still see the insoluble flaws in it.

So this was my plan. It started out fine: hanging out at home, doing some tidying up, had a little nap. But then… I ended up going out for coffee with a friend in the evening. And we went somewhere new. The friendly, open-late Cafe Mocha on Golders Green Road.

So I failed at imperfection. Does that still count as imperfection somehow?

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