Retro shopping

Remember ‘shopping’? Not for food or clothes, things which one really wants to select by sight. I mean, shopping for the perfectly-packaged, homogenous items Jeff Bezos targetted as being ideal internet-commerce stock. DVDs, books, CDs (who even buys CDs now?). I used to really enjoy that kind of shopping. I remember as a teenager (yes,

Ada Lovelace Day

I’ve already written an article for today about Ada Lovelace Day and how important it is (and also how heinous The Big Bang Theory sitcom is – a message I really feel passionately about getting out to the public). But I realise that what I wrote doesn’t really meet the brief of writing about a woman in

you’ve gotta think about the future

I’ve had two articles in newspapers in the past few days, one looking backward and bemoaning what we’re about to lose, and one excitedly looking forward to the future of books. I do think it’s possible  to hold both those positions at once. You don’t have to give up on technology in order to believe that the past has

Who would have thought?

Fascinating set of tests from Harvard which measure implicit (subconscious) preferences – whether you subconsciously prefer white people over black, for example, or straight people over gay.https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/measureyourattitudes.html Apparently, I have a strong preference for Judaism over all other religions. This despite the fact that my writing is supposedly dangerous to it. Each man kills the thing he loves, you