A rift in the space-time continuum

See, you thought I’d forgotten all about this blog, didn’t you? But instead I’ve just been away, to a place where the BT Openzone wifi is shakey, probably because of all those time-space disturbances and people constantly having sex with aliens: Cardiff. I was in Cardiff on Thursday and Friday to give a talk about

Retro shopping

Remember ‘shopping’? Not for food or clothes, things which one really wants to select by sight. I mean, shopping for the perfectly-packaged, homogenous items Jeff Bezos targetted as being ideal internet-commerce stock. DVDs, books, CDs (who even buys CDs now?). I used to really enjoy that kind of shopping. I remember as a teenager (yes,

Could a good enough Doctor make you live forever?

A warning: this post is spoilerific. Don’t read it if you haven’t seen the last six episodes of season 3 of the new Dr Who. Go and watch them instead, they’re good. A further warning: this post treats Television as Art. Because that’s what I happen to believe is (sometimes) true. A final warning: this