Krefttik 2.5: Krefttik thwarted

Drove over to the East End today for dinner with Adrian and Margaret so thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop into Klein’s on my way to try to find some Krefttik. But no, even though kosher shops are *always open* on Sundays (it’s a quirk of the Sunday trading laws: if you close on Saturdays for religious

Krefttik 2: The Search for Krefttik

On to lighter matters. Made a little detour to Golders Green today, in search of the mysterious Krefttik. Friends, I went to Kol Tuv. I looked through their shelves. I saw no Krefttik. Eventually I spoke to the man behind the counter.“Excuse me,” I said, “do you have Krefttik?”“I’m not sure…” he said, “what is it?”“Ah,”

A travelling day

Spent most of today in a car on the way from Seaham back to London but… managed to stop off at The Blake Head, a very gorgeous vegetarian cafe/bookshop in York on the way home. Their risotto cakes are excellent, the cafe is very sunny and clearly popular. Here’s my mum going in: If I hadn’t