Food and Drink

Mellow fruitfulness

See, I can’t stop this now. My month is over and yet I continue to blog. Although I’m not forcing myself to go anywhere new anymore. Nonetheless, even going to the same old places, things have changed. Autumn is coming, can you feel it? I went to my parents house today to pick plums from


People keep saying to me (well, a couple of people): you should blog more often. And I say: about what? And they say: well, anything. And I say: isn’t that likely to come out sounding rather trivial? And they roll their eyes and try to explain the point of blogs. I don’t quite understand, but

Take this matza, it is my body

As a Jewish person living in a Christian country, I’m fascinated by how the patterns of life of the two religions twist around each other, touching intimately at some points, then suddenly distant. While we’re having Chanukah, a very minor festival, Christians are having their biggest celebration of the year. And yet, there are those