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I really didn’t mean to say that no one in Manchester wears clothes

It’s the kind of thing that just comes out when everyone’s joking, and you’re being recorded, and you’re trying to be funny and it just sorta doesn’t work but *anyway*, here’s my appearance on the Guardian’s marvellous Sounds Jewish podcast. More things like this, please: British Jews behaving as if it’s OK to talk about

Once you start looking for these things they’re everywhere

So according to the Guardian Angelina Jolie is “too famous” to convince as Marianne Pearl in the new film “A Mighty Heart”. In fact, the Times agrees. I haven’t seen the movie, don’t know if it’s good, don’t know if Angelina’s performance is great or rubbish. But this strikes me as an astonishing thing to say. Surely the whole

Not to mention that it’s illegal

Sometimes, I hear someone say something so stupid that it causes me to stop for a moment, re-evaluate my axiomatic beliefs and try to work out whether the laws of physics can have suddenly altered. I had an experience like this recently when I was ranting – as I frequently do – about the male/female

Smug as a smuggler

So, I won that award. After which I was naturally so excited that I had to go and lie down in a darkened room for six weeks, which explains the prolonged lack of content. Or not. Actually, I went away to work on The New Book (TM) and to try to ignore the voices in

“He’ll only spend it on drink”

Spent an inordinate amount of time on the tube today staring at a poster for the Killing with Kindness campaign. The general idea is to persuade people not to give money to the homeless, because “you may be helping them buy drugs that could kill them”, but instead give the money to charities which work with the