August challenge

Retro shopping

Remember ‘shopping’? Not for food or clothes, things which one really wants to select by sight. I mean, shopping for the perfectly-packaged, homogenous items Jeff Bezos targetted as being ideal internet-commerce stock. DVDs, books, CDs (who even buys CDs now?). I used to really enjoy that kind of shopping. I remember as a teenager (yes,

Things that make you feel old

Spent today at the Buckinghamshire Railway Museum with my friend Esther and two of her children Benjy and Zara. Aren’t they lovely? Zara has a habit of sticking her tongue out if she knows you’re taking a picture of her. Probably a form of protest which I ought to respect, but I just got around

Solitude and creativity

Was supposed to have lunch with a friend today but unfortunately they weren’t able to make it so instead I took myself off to Highgate Woods, where I sat happily alone for a few hours reading. It’s yet another place within a 20-minute drive of where I live but which I have never visited. At

Maybe doubt is my religion. But… I’m not certain.

So today’s visit, it would be fair to say, brought up *some stuff* for me. Which I’m still processing, but I’ll try to explain it as far as I can. I went to the Liberal Synagogue in St John’s Wood – here’s its website. I’ve never been to a Liberal Synagogue before. Frankly, growing up Orthodox

City of the Dead

“CHANGE, whose insistent tendrils seek out the edifices we have so carefully wrought and return them once again to dust” John Kabat-Zinn, ‘Full Catastrophe Living’ Glorious weather today, perfect for a lazy pub lunch at The Wellington Arms in Hampshire, and then a long country walk. My companion suggested heading out toward the Roman ruins at

Token Tourist Trip

A red bus, black cabs, the Millennium Wheel, Big Ben – why yes guvnor, I spent today in Merrie Olde London town! In fact, this is the reason that I ended the day feeling hot, exhausted and slightly ripped-off. I went to Westminster Abbey today, the Queen’s own church. Despite living in London most of

Hello, Art

Off to Vyner Street in East London today with my friend Miki to look at Art. I didn’t know until today that this street is full of pretty much nothing but art galleries. Not the Cork Street “how much for a late Lowry” kind of gallery but the new, funky kind of gallery where they