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August 26, 2009

Spent most of today in a car on the way from Seaham back to London but… managed to stop off at The Blake Head, a very gorgeous vegetarian cafe/bookshop in York on the way home. Their risotto cakes are excellent, the cafe is very sunny and clearly popular. Here’s my mum going in:

If I hadn’t been travelling for nine hours today, I’d try to write something fascinating, reflecting on the meaning of a project that makes me seek out newness.

It might be about the uses of the old and the new. How new things are exciting but old things are comforting. New things offer the promise of improvement, but sometimes we only know how much we’ll miss the old things when they’re gone. How having too many new things leaves us exhausted and overstimulated, while having too many old things leaves us dull and bored and grey. How sometimes I feel impatient that the future I hoped for hasn’t yet arrived, and sometimes I feel appalled at how much has already been lost from the past. I might talk about how difficult it is to achieve balance in life, finding room for both old things and new things.

But, I’m tired. So instead, here is an advert from a magazine directed at Very Orthodox Jews in northwest London. I promise it’s genuine.

Edit, Thursday 27 August 11.23pm

Because a couple of people have now said to me “eh? Krefttik? I don’t get it!” I feel I ought to explain what was so obviously hilarious to me about this ad. 1) Who on earth calls a food product Krefttik? It sounds like something you should be using to regrout your bathroom. 2) *What is it*? We know what it’s not! But… so many options are left. I think it is a fish omelette. Any other ideas? Google is of no help in the Krefttik Quest. Clearly I have to go to Kol Tuv and find some.

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